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  In a world filled with public speakers, Marc is truly a master of his domain. His unique delivery style endears him to any audience within moments. People constantly comment that they feel as if Marc is "just talking to them". He is not concerned with being a "Personality". He is genuine and real which is why he can relate to virtually anyone in the audience. He has the remarkable ability to be extremely humorous and direct as a heart attack, all at the same time. He is ultimately a master of Edutainment. Edutainment is the art of entertaining and educating at the same time. (To see a video of Marc Edutaining people, click on the Edutainment button on the home page) All other things being equal with other top public speakers, Marc simply delivers the message in a way that keeps the audience constantly engaged.

He also has an uncanny ability to deliver a message to the most experienced person in the room and the least knowledgeable person at the same time, while never boring the expert or confusing the novice. He uses an endless sea of analogies to make sure everyone understands the key points he is making and he is also is an expert at telling stories the support the message he is delivering. He sees many things from such an uncommon perspective and sheds new light on the most studied of subjects.

Marc can inspire with the best of the best or he can deliver the "nuts and bolts" of virtually any subject that you need him to teach on. His ultimate objective is to pour into as many people’s lives as he possibly can in order to make them measurably better. He has addressed audiences from ten up to fifteen thousand. He considers no job to be too big and no job to be too small. Marc is very grateful to have been blessed with his unique gifts to communicate and inspire and gives each and every assignment he is entrusted with 100% of his efforts.